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Taiba Lagoon

Taiba lagoon is small spot and is located directly on the beach. Here you will find completely flat water, which is very shallow. Some waves may be found in the part near to ocean beach. During main season, it can be crowded. Many kitesurfers love this spot, where they love to try some new kite tricks.

Beside some underwater and beach rocks, and beach placed barracks, you wouldn’t find some other obstacles. Wind blow consistently from the beach.


Taiba is a cute small fisherman village, surrounded by long white sand dunes with coconut palms. As kitesurfing spot, this place is a really nice. Its without sea shells or rocks. Because it is located on open sea, you may find here constant waves. From 10h to 15h the wind is side-on, after that usually drop a little bit.

From this spot, kitesurfers can make the great downwind to Paracuru.

In Taiba you can find few nice restaurants,and in general, atmosphere is quite relaxing.


Pecem is well known for its waves. In days when is tide, the waves sometime reach a height up to 2,5 m.
In main kite spot wind is sideshore to side onshore from southeast to east, but near the village the wind can change to slightly offshore. In front of the docks, you should be careful from underwater rocks. They are visible when is the low tide. Also, sometime you may find fishermen’s nets in the downwind direction.

Village have some kind of infrastructure. You can find restaurants, local barracks and shops. Also, here you may find some accommodation options.


Beach in Tabuba is considered as one of the longest beaches in the Caucaia, Ceara. Place is still little known by tourists and it’s being mainly frequented by nearby residents and kite surfers. It has a huge area of white sand and the ocean make some good waves, where some surfers may to enjoy in practicing. Tabuba beach is surrounded with palm trees and just few vacation homes, and because that it’s still preserved the beautiful nature scenery. During the high season, here can be a lot of water sports lovers. Do not be surprised if you see some of the visitors of this beach even enjoy playing soccer or racquetball, due to beach space.


Kite surfing spot Fortim is a huge basin in the delta of the “Rio Jaguaribe”. You can enter in this spot from the direction of Canoa Quebrada by the beach (4×4 or with buggy) or from the village. Village is not so big and is not oriented to the tourists, so you can’t find accommodation in it.

Wind direction is side shore at the spot, and in the river is onshore, from south east to east direction. In most of case here you will find moderate current, but depending of tide condition you may also feel a strong current.


Prainha is spot 40 kilometers from Fortaleza, where you can find two kite spots in a few tens of meters. Small flat shallow water lagoon and ocean beach. Lagoon is created by Rio Catu directly on the beach and very close to the ocean. In the west of the lagoon is the village, while on the east, lagoon is limited by the dunes and beach. The wind blows from southeast to south and it’s very constant. You can also kite on the sandy beach, which is long with a lot of space. There you will find choppy water with waves that are breaking on the ocean coast. Usually, lagoon is uncrowded, but do not be surprised if over the weekend there is a lot of visitors.

In this spot you may find few barracks, as well as some accommodation.


Parajuru is a huge fisherman village in Ceara, Brazil, and it’s around 70 km far away from Cumbuco. It has a pure Brazilian atmosphere with friendly locals. In it you can find various bars, restaurants, and accommodation. The Parajuru population is estimated at approximately six thousand inhabitants. The village got name by Indian name that meaning “mouth of the river”. In the “mouth of the river” you can watch the beautiful nature place where the river goes to the sea.

As a kite surfing spot there you can find two main spots, beach few kilometers from center and in Curu river delta. In beach spot break-point is around 400 m from shore and is caused by underwater reef.


Uruaú with its wonderful quiet beach are placed around 50 km South of Cumbuco. Near it you can find huge beautiful lake where you can kitesurf also. With more than 18 km in length lake is one of the biggest in Ceará. But besides this much length of lake, lagoon in the lake is fairly small, so it can not hold more than 3 to 5 kiters.

The Uruaú beach is well known destination for kitesurfers, as well as windsurfers. It offers pure enjoyment for these water sports…a huge great flat spot with fantastic wind conditions, especially from August to December.

Also, this part of Brazilian coast have the cleanest air in modern world, according to the NASA study.

Barra Nova

Barra Nova is place where Rio Choro drained into the Atlantic ocean. Same as Prainha here you will find two kite spots in one place. One is lagoon, which is created by river and makes a shallow flat water lagoon without obstacles. Other is long ocean beach, where you have a lot of space for kiting. Lagoon have on both sides, nice sandy beach. When the tide is low, lagoon becomes very small and shallow. Wind blows from southeast to east.

In the small nearby village, you may find few restaurants, local shops and barracks, as well as accommodation.

Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada is placed just 3 km from village, and is MUST see if you are in this part of Brazil. This rustic place, located on the crest of a red sandstone massive, is ideal for beginners. Because of its uniqueness became world well known kite spot. This fishermans village and former hippie community is one of the most scenic kiteboarding spots in Brazil. Whole village is oriented to tourism, and may be crowded by guest, but with locals too. Fortaleza is not so far, so many people from there loves to come here over the weekend. In it you will see many “jangadas”, boats that are made out of wood and used by fishermans.

Canoa Quebrada have a lot of restaurants and bars, as well as various types of accommodation. The beach directly in the village is not suited for kiting, as there is mostly lively being.

The beach is not so wide, but it’s long, and with strong winds that blows almost the whole year and hot water, it’s really perfect place to go to kiting. Wind blows from the right side shore to side onshore. You wouldn’t find any reefs nearby. When the tide is low, water can be very shallow at some parts.