Brazil’s Northeast Coast Experience (13 days)

Kite Downwind Safari from Cumbuco to Atins

14 day of exploring the untouched Brazil wild nature by boat and kite.

Day 1: Cumbuco to Paracuru (28 km Downwind & Kite in Paracuru)
Day 2: Lagoinha to Guajiru (17 km Downwind & Kite in Guajiru)
Day 3: Guajiru to Baleia (27 km Downwind & Kite in Baleia)
Day 4: Baleia to Moitas (30 km Downwind & Kite in Icarai)
Day 5: Aranau to Jericoacoara (20 km Downwind)
Day 6: Jericoacoara to Tatajuba (20 km Downwind)
Day 7: Camocim to Praia Nova (17 km Downwind)
Day 8: Barra Grande to Luís Correia (18 km Downwind)
Day 9: Flat water kiting at the secret spot (rivermouth with very flat water)
Day 10: Delta do Parnaiba (whole day in delta of Parnaiba river)
Day 11: Ilha Canarias to Ilha Melancieira (50 km Downwind)
Day 12: Tutóia to Paulino Neves (38 km Downwind)
Day 13: Atins and National Park Lençóis Maranhenses
Day 14: Transportation back to Cumbuco

Guided Tour Description:

  • Personal Guide on the water.
  • Personal Driver with a lot of experience and knowledge.
  • 4×4 car for your personal requirements.
  • The car will be standby for the duration of your trip and while you are on the water.
  • The car will be travelling along the beach for your safety.
  • All hotels, petrol costs, rafts when crossing rivers, and all of the costs of your guided tour are included in price.
  • Water and snacks.
  • All tour guides are with IKO Instructors.
  • English, German, Portuguese language.
  • Max 4 Persons per car.

Cumbuco to Atins in Short:

  • 13 Day Kitesafari
  • 17 – 50 km downwind per day
  • Flatwater Lagoons
  • Wave Spots
  • Rivers
  • Small Clean Waves
  • Flatwater Lagoons
  • Sightseeing Spots

PRICE: 2849 Euro (EUR)

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