Your Kite Level

Kitesurfing downwinder are not so friendly for beginners. You should have established certain kite level to be able to safely participate in downwinds tours.

The most important thing you have to be able to do on a downwinder is to kite switch (toeside), meaning to kite downwind parallel to the beach. This is a different technique and has to be learnt in advance.

 This is a condition for participation in these downwinders!!

You also must have the following kite skills:

  • Knowledge of the safety system
  • Water Relaunch
  • Upwind Body Drag
  • Self Rescue

These downwinders tours are not suitable for beginners. You must be able to kite safely in waves and in a strong wind, and to relaunch your kite quickly out of the water. The downwinders can last 3-4 hours (with breaks), so you must be fairly fit and have proper equipment.

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