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Your Kitesurfing Level:

Generally downwinders are not suitable for beginners. You have to be able to kitesurf safely in waves and high winds an be able to relaunch your kite quickly from the water. The downwind takes 3 – 6 hours per day (with breaks), a decent basic fitness and reliable material are therefore a prerequisite.

You don’t need to be very fast or very experienced. Our vehicle accompanies us all the time on the beach. If the waves get too big or if you are tired just jump on the car at any time. The most important thing you have to know on a Downwinder is, how to switch into toeside, to be able to go downwind and kite parallel to the beach. This is easy to learn!

If you book a tour together with your friends we will customize the downwinder to your level. For example downwind shorter and only easy parts and kite more on different spots, like lagoons. As we are all Kite instructors we will help you and teach you if necessary.

Material and Kites

Because the wind is strong in Brazil, we need small kite sizes. You should definitely take with you a 7m2 (Female), 8/9m2 (Man). Of course, it is advantageous to carry a 2nd or 3rd kite with you to. Do not forget to check your material (screws, for example) and bring repair materials with you. Take your big Kitebag where you can put all your Kites and your Board.


The other luggage(clothes) should be small. 1 pair of flip flops, 5-6 T-shirts and shorts is enough. It never gets cold in Brasil even not at night. Without problems you can leave a few things that you do not need on the downwind, in the pousada.

A Lycra and good sun protection is important, as we are all day in the sun.

Climate and wind in Ceara, Brazil

From Summer on is dry season. The wind at this time is strong and constant. The further north we kite the stronger is the wind. If we can still kite well with a 9m2/10m2 in Cumbuco, we will be overpowered with this size of this kite at Jericoacoara.

Normally the wind remains like this until December, after that the rainy season begins. Of course it may happen that the rainy season starts mid-December, or even in January. During the period in which the downwinders are planned it normally has a good and strong wind. It can always happen that there is no wind or rain for one day. In that case, we must be flexible and possibly wait half a day to continue.

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