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Kiteboarding - Cumbuco is The Right Place

One of the fastest growing sport on the water in past years is kiteboarding. Cumbuco is one of the perfect places for it.

Some of worldwide greatest kiteboarding places are Cumbuco, Isla Margarita, Hurghada, Fuerteventura. All of this places have almost perfect condition for this water sport.

Kiteboarding in the Brazil is growing fast and Cumbuco is one of the places to be.

Kiteboarding is a Dutch invention. Back in the past, somewhere in 19th century, kites were used to pull boats on the water. Dutchman Bert Panhuis is in 1977 used a kite to pulls him while he stands upright in the water.

Two brothers designed a kite with inflatable sections, some eight years later, so they were able to go right from the water. These days materials are still being in the development.

Around 1995 the kiteboarding pioneering began, especially in Hawaii and in southern France. The first world kiteboarding championship were held in Hawaii, two year later.

Brazil lagoa Cauipe

Kiteboarding in Cumbuco: Lagoa Cauipe (Photo credit: Hotel Casa Cohiba

Before you start with hang above the water and make a magnificent leap you already have made many hours of training.

In Cumbuco, but also in the France, or other kiteboarding places in the world schools offer so called packages. Usually, there is three or four classes in which you make your first steps on the kite board. All material in that schools are included in the packages price and there are profesionlani coaches who watch on you.

Below you can read the kiteboarding schools procedure In most of cases :

– They will learn you how to manage the kite and get the feeling of it.

– In second you will learn some body dragging lessons. During this lessons you will let your body being dragged through the calm water hanging on the kite and learn various kite control procedures and movements.

– Third lesson will be devoted to water. This will be your first meters in the water with full equipment (board & kite)

Lessons prices may range from continent to continent and from country to country. To our knowledge, one of the lower prices are in the Brazil.

The one of the most famous big wave spots in Brazil is for sure Cumbuco. You can find here images from one of the most beautiful lagoon in Cumbuco – Lagoa Cauipe.

Also you may look at information about kiteboarding in Cumbuco and accommodation in that location.

Kitesurfing - Amazing Water Sport

Kite surfing is a relatively young water sport and it was created around 1998.

It is very dynamic sport, and it is a combination of windsurfing, wakeboarding, gymnastics and some other similar skills. Literally it is attractive „riding on water“ with the help of a specially designed kite. So you can, only by the use of wind energy and steering technique, enjoy yourself for hours on beaches.

Because you can do it on almost every beach in the world kite surfing is a amazing sport . It is convenient, and it’s also environmentally friendly. Kite surfing equipment can fit in a pretty small bag which you can put in your car and take it anywhere you need it.

Anyone who enjoys the water can kite surf. You don’t need to be especially sporty or gifted to enjoy kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is perfect for you if you want more activity, you enjoy fresh air and you are feeling comfortable in the water.

During your vacations you can enjoy kitesurfing everywhere in the world. In some places, because of their climate, you can kite surf all around the year. One of the countries that stands out in the last few years is Brazil, and especially a small fishing village that goes by the name Cumbuco.

You can visit kitesurfing schools if you want to learn how to kitesurf quickly. In those schools you can also learn a lot about different techniques. They provide lessons and courses to teach you skills like flying, landing, kite launching, usage of the bar, safety devices, and lines.

Kitesurfing near Cumbuco

Kitesurfing at Cumbuco Beach (15 miles from Fortaleza – Brazil) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Equipment necessary for kite surfing:

  • helmet
  • belt for kite connection
  • gloves
  • bar
  • kite board
  • kite

The kite surfer stands on the kite board with his legs locked and he uses the strength of the kite that is high in the air and pulls him on the water. A more skilled kite surfer can do various acrobatics.

There exist many various styles of kite boarding, including free ride, freestyle, jumping, down winders, speed, wave-riding, course racing, and wake style.

Depending on wind strength kite surfers change the size of their kites or/and line length. To prevent overpower situations kite surfers use smaller kites for stronger winds.