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Tatajuba lagoon is small kite paradise, and it’s located between the kiteboarding mecca “Jeri” (30 Km) and the fishing village Camocim (25 Km). Tatajuba lays on the river delta and have good shallow water with the strong and reliable wind. In lagoon you can find flat water, and on the beach some small wind waves. Beach is without any obstacle.

From July to the end of February wind blows constantly and makes kite season endless. If you “run out of wind” at the spots at and near Fortaleza in December, then we have for you this spot for another two months.

In Tatajuba you can find a kitesurfing station, small local shops, as well as accommodation.

With proper strong wind days you can move further down to the Laguna La Torta. It’s nearby and very popular kiteboarding spot with great conditions. This beautiful, mostly standing deep, freshwater lagoon is surrounded by sand dunes and stretches around 16 kilometers inland. Here is the wind gusty and a bit weaker because the spot is surrounded by dunes. Therefore it’s perfect as an alternative spot for high-wind days.

-2.8592596651817748, -40.69356322288513
Windy Season:
July to February
Flat, Small Wave, Shallow
Wind Strength:
30–55 km/h
Ocean 20-24°C ; Air 23-32°C

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