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Beach in Tabuba is considered as one of the longest beaches in the Caucaia, Ceara. Place is still little known by tourists and it’s being mainly frequented by nearby residents and kite surfers. It has a huge area of white sand and the ocean make some good waves, where some surfers may to enjoy in practicing. Tabuba beach is surrounded with palm trees and just few vacation homes, and because that it’s still preserved the beautiful nature scenery. During the high season, here can be a lot of water sports lovers. Do not be surprised if you see some of the visitors of this beach even enjoy playing soccer or racquetball, due to beach space.

-3.663405173455956, -38.67733597755432
Windy Season:
From July to February
Small & Medium Waves; Flat, Shallow, Chop,
Wind Direction:
East; Southeast;
Wind Strength:
Avg. from 37 - 46 km/h.
Air average 27-32°C

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Kite Level
Flat Water

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