Tabuba Lagoon

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Tabuba lagoon is 9 km far from Cumbuco. It is small spot, so you shouldn’t expect too much space for kiteboarding. It’s quite good to handle somewhere between 20 – 30 kitesurfers in the same time. It is separated from the ocean with a 30 m of sand.

In Tabuba lagoon you will find shallow and flat water. Please, be aware of one big underwater rock in the upwind of the lagoon (close to the shore).

Spot have steady wind and you can expect it for almost every day in the period from July to March.

Over the weekend can be crowded, made ​​up of local residents and fishermens.

-3.6630304314192004, -38.68316173553467
Windy Season:
From July to March
Flat, Shallow, Chop, Small & Medium Waves
Wind Direction:
East; Southeast;
Wind Strength:
Up to 45 km/h

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