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Prainha is spot 40 kilometers from Fortaleza, where you can find two kite spots in a few tens of meters. Small flat shallow water lagoon and ocean beach. Lagoon is created by Rio Catu directly on the beach and very close to the ocean. In the west of the lagoon is the village, while on the east, lagoon is limited by the dunes and beach. The wind blows from southeast to south and it’s very constant. You can also kite on the sandy beach, which is long with a lot of space. There you will find choppy water with waves that are breaking on the ocean coast. Usually, lagoon is uncrowded, but do not be surprised if over the weekend there is a lot of visitors.

In this spot you may find few barracks, as well as some accommodation.

-3.8991075679735365, -38.34906578063965
Windy Season:
From July to December
Flat, Small Wave, Chop, Shallow
Wind Direction:
Wind Strength:
Avg. from 18 - 32 km/h
2mm neoprene top; shorty if it is windy or at dusk/dawn
Ocean 25-29°C ; Air 25-31°C

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Flat Water

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