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Pecem is well known for its waves. In days when is tide, the waves sometime reach a height up to 2,5 m.
In main kite spot wind is sideshore to side onshore from southeast to east, but near the village the wind can change to slightly offshore. In front of the docks, you should be careful from underwater rocks. They are visible when is the low tide. Also, sometime you may find fishermen’s nets in the downwind direction.

Village have some kind of infrastructure. You can find restaurants, local barracks and shops. Also, here you may find some accommodation options.

-3.54417584019104, -38.812551498413086
Windy Season:
From July to January
Medium Wave
Wind Direction:
East; Southeast;
Wind Strength:
20–40 km/h
Air average 26-31°C

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Kite Level
Flat Water

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