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Parajuru is a huge fisherman village in Ceara, Brazil, and it’s around 70 km far away from Cumbuco. It has a pure Brazilian atmosphere with friendly locals. In it you can find various bars, restaurants, and accommodation. The Parajuru population is estimated at approximately six thousand inhabitants. The village got name by Indian name that meaning “mouth of the river”. In the “mouth of the river” you can watch the beautiful nature place where the river goes to the sea.

As a kite surfing spot there you can find two main spots, beach few kilometers from center and in Curu river delta. In beach spot break-point is around 400 m from shore and is caused by underwater reef.

-4.382184471619828, -37.86103248596186
Windy Season:
From July to December
Flat, Chop, Shallow
Wind Direction:
Air average 25-31°C

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Kite Level
Flat Water

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