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Jeri is a magical place without any paved roads, built right into landing for kites is downwind to the famous dune where everyone gatters for sunset.

This is one of the really nice place for kitesurfing. Jericoacoara has very long beach (20 km) without obstacles. Anywhere you look, you will see only sand. In it you may find some small waves, and flat water behind the dune.

From July to January wind is constant and very strong. In other parts of season, it can be much lighter. Always blow side onshore.

We have three kite tours where is Jericoacoara included:

-2.795629396337148, -40.5190372467041
Windy Season:
From July to December
Flat, Chop, Small Waves;
Wind Direction:
Northeast, East; Side onshore
Wind Strength:
20–38 km/h
26 - 31°C

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