Ilha do Guajiru

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Ilha do Gaujiru (or Praia da Barra) is very huge lagoon (especially when the tide is high). It’s long around 5 kilometers and in the widest part has around 700 meters (high tide). In it you will find flat water and strong wind. Direction of wind is East to Southeast, sideshore to side onshore. Main part of the beach is the prime kiteboarding spot here, but with boats you can reach some other good spots in Ilha do Guajiru. When the tide is low, then number of spots are limited.

At main season wind blows from 44 km/h to 51 km/h. Near a small beach wind can be a little gusty. There are two main hazards – in the water you should be aware of boat ropes, and on the shore of the electricity wires!! Also, you may see some sharp shells, so you may want to bring shoes in this spot

Near beach is Itarema town, and in this spot you may find restaurants and kite services.

-2.8809368748949953, -39.90936040878296
Windy Season:
From July to February
Flat, Shallow, Chop, Small & Medium Waves,
Wind Direction:
East; Southeast;
Wind Strength:
18–55 km/h
Ocean 26-29°C ; Air 26-30°C

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Flat Water

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