Cauipe Lagoon

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The Cauipe lagoon is just across the sand and have constant wind. It´s standing-depth and can handle about 30 kites. Unfortunately there can be 40+ by noon as both beginners and freestyle pros practise here. The beach have a nice area for kite launching and landing without obstacles like buildings, etc.

It’s perfect flat water with some areas which can be shallow. In off season (February – September) there you will find only few kiters. Cauipe lagoon is quite good place where you can start with learning your first kite steps, but you should be careful when there is a lot of kiters. Strongest winds are around September.

-3.590648761057104, -38.77774715423584
Windy Season:
From July to January
Flat, Chop, Shallow
Wind Direction:
East; Southeast;
Wind Strength:
20–38 km/h
Ocean 26-29°C ; Air 26-31°C

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Flat Water

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