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Canoa Quebrada is placed just 3 km from village, and is MUST see if you are in this part of Brazil. This rustic place, located on the crest of a red sandstone massive, is ideal for beginners. Because of its uniqueness became world well known kite spot. This fishermans village and former hippie community is one of the most scenic kiteboarding spots in Brazil. Whole village is oriented to tourism, and may be crowded by guest, but with locals too. Fortaleza is not so far, so many people from there loves to come here over the weekend. In it you will see many “jangadas”, boats that are made out of wood and used by fishermans.

Canoa Quebrada have a lot of restaurants and bars, as well as various types of accommodation. The beach directly in the village is not suited for kiting, as there is mostly lively being.

The beach is not so wide, but it’s long, and with strong winds that blows almost the whole year and hot water, it’s really perfect place to go to kiting. Wind blows from the right side shore to side onshore. You wouldn’t find any reefs nearby. When the tide is low, water can be very shallow at some parts.

-4.5274846405375415, -37.693748474121094
Windy Season:
From July to January
Flat, Chop
Wind Direction:
Northeast, Southeast / Best wind: East
Wind Strength:
27–55 km/h
Air average 26-29°C

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Kite Level
Flat Water

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