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This spot is near Camocim town, where you can find all types of needed services, like a banks, ATM, restaurants, shops, accommodation, etc. The town also has offering restaurants with local cuisine based on seafood, and they are usually located on the beaches and lakes. But for kiters, most important place here is long sandy beach with a lot of space, which has unpredictable chopps, and some medium waves (1,5-2,5 m) at high tide. At low tide you should be careful, because spot has a lot of rock reefs.

In this kite spot wind constantly blow side-onshore to side, and in Maceio beach is side-offshore to offshore. It is probably spot with the strongest wind in the state, and goes up to 74 km/h.

If you search for flat water, you should go to nearby lagoons or at north of Maceio beach.

We offer this spot in this two tours:

-2.883551399299068, -40.844078063964844
Windy Season:
From July to January
Chop, Small & Medium Waves,
Wind Direction:
Wind Strength:
Avg. from 46 - 65 km/h. Goes up to 74 km/h

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