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Barra Nova is place where Rio Choro drained into the Atlantic ocean. Same as Prainha here you will find two kite spots in one place. One is lagoon, which is created by river and makes a shallow flat water lagoon without obstacles. Other is long ocean beach, where you have a lot of space for kiting. Lagoon have on both sides, nice sandy beach. When the tide is low, lagoon becomes very small and shallow. Wind blows from southeast to east.

In the small nearby village, you may find few restaurants, local shops and barracks, as well as accommodation.

-4.09925887899064, -38.15175175666809
Windy Season:
From July to January
Lagoon - Flat & Shallow; Beach - Chop & Medium Waves
Wind Direction:
From southeast to east; East
Air average 25-31°C

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