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Kite spot Barra Grande is a small village with relaxed atmosphere, and it is proclaimed as APA (Ambient Protection Area). It has to offer 5 kilometers long sandy beach with some palm trees to kitesurfers. At low tide, water is mostly flat and shallow, and in high tide you can find some small waves here. This spot is perfect for all experience levels, from beginners to kite experts. Twice a day, when high tide create lakes in the end of the beach, you can do small downwind till there.

Depending of season, wind blows constantly from 27 to 55 km/h, and it is usually side-onshore.

This spot we offer in two guided tours: Cumbuco to Parnaiba and Jericoacoara to Parnaiba.

-2.8956381388441645, -41.27683639526367
Windy Season:
From July to December
Flat, Small Wave, Chop,
Wind Direction:
Wind Strength:
27–55 km/h
Air average 25-32°C

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Flat Water

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