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Taiba Lagoon

Taiba lagoon is small spot and is located directly on the beach. Here you will find completely flat water, which is very shallow. Some waves may be found in the part near to ocean beach. During main season, it can be crowded. Many kitesurfers love this spot, where they love to try some new kite tricks.

Beside some underwater and beach rocks, and beach placed barracks, you wouldn’t find some other obstacles. Wind blow consistently from the beach.


Taiba is a cute small fisherman village, surrounded by long white sand dunes with coconut palms. As kitesurfing spot, this place is a really nice. Its without sea shells or rocks. Because it is located on open sea, you may find here constant waves. From 10h to 15h the wind is side-on, after that usually drop a little bit.

From this spot, kitesurfers can make the great downwind to Paracuru.

In Taiba you can find few nice restaurants,and in general, atmosphere is quite relaxing.


Pecem is well known for its waves. In days when is tide, the waves sometime reach a height up to 2,5 m.
In main kite spot wind is sideshore to side onshore from southeast to east, but near the village the wind can change to slightly offshore. In front of the docks, you should be careful from underwater rocks. They are visible when is the low tide. Also, sometime you may find fishermen’s nets in the downwind direction.

Village have some kind of infrastructure. You can find restaurants, local barracks and shops. Also, here you may find some accommodation options.


Beach in Tabuba is considered as one of the longest beaches in the Caucaia, Ceara. Place is still little known by tourists and it’s being mainly frequented by nearby residents and kite surfers. It has a huge area of white sand and the ocean make some good waves, where some surfers may to enjoy in practicing. Tabuba beach is surrounded with palm trees and just few vacation homes, and because that it’s still preserved the beautiful nature scenery. During the high season, here can be a lot of water sports lovers. Do not be surprised if you see some of the visitors of this beach even enjoy playing soccer or racquetball, due to beach space.


We have included Paracuru in our guided tours (Cumbuco-Jericoacoara and Cumbuco-Parnaiba). It is around 70 kilometres downwind from Cumbuco, and in it you will find small to medium waves. In some part of day, water may become flat. Also, at low tide, reef that are located 300 metres offshore create the lagoon with nice flat water. At high tide reef doesn’t protect the beach, so inside the lagoon may be very choppy.

Direction of wind is from southeast to east, and sideshore to side onshore. In second part of day, usually wind is not so strong, and then you maybe need a bigger kite.

Lagoon in Paracuru is shallow, and maybe is best to avoid downwind part of lagoon, because there you will find fishermen nets which are attached to wooden sticks. These sticks are very hard to be seen when the tide is high, so keep this in mind. Also in this part of lagoon you can find some corals.

The sandy beach is huge and, especially at low tide, you will have a lot of space for kite launching. When the tide is high, you may found space right and left from the Quebramar barrack. In this spot you wouldn’t find accommodation, pousadas, restaurants, and your only choice is this barrack where you may hang out all day. You can eat there, as well as get some fresh drinks.

Cauipe Lagoon

The Cauipe lagoon is just across the sand and have constant wind. It´s standing-depth and can handle about 30 kites. Unfortunately there can be 40+ by noon as both beginners and freestyle pros practise here. The beach have a nice area for kite launching and landing without obstacles like buildings, etc.

It’s perfect flat water with some areas which can be shallow. In off season (February – September) there you will find only few kiters. Cauipe lagoon is quite good place where you can start with learning your first kite steps, but you should be careful when there is a lot of kiters. Strongest winds are around September.


Cumbuco have sandy long beach that extends for over 5km. It can handle, without any problems, more than hundred kiters. The gently shelving seabed ensures conditions are always easy going despite the chop and shorebreak that often develops towards high tide. North of the village the waves build up to head-high, offering a shred-fest downwinder until your legs give way.

Cumbuco is starting point for some of our guided kiteboarding downwind tours – Cumbuco to Jeri and Cumbuco to Parnaiba.