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Maceio is the beautiful beach well known for warm climate and relax atmosphere. It is suitable for kitesurfing and has a big area of white sand, good waves and clear water. This kite spot has local restaurants and bars nearby, where you can get some drinks and snacks. Maceio has native forest near its sand beach, with palm trees.Maceio is a beautiful beach well known for a warm climate and relaxes atmosphere. It is suitable for kitesurfing and has a big area of white sand, good waves, and clear water. This kite spot has local restaurants and bars nearby, where you can get some drinks and snacks. Maceio has a native forest near its sand beach, with palm trees.


Tatajuba lagoon is small kite paradise, and it’s located between the kiteboarding mecca “Jeri” (30 Km) and the fishing village Camocim (25 Km). Tatajuba lays on the river delta and have good shallow water with the strong and reliable wind. In lagoon you can find flat water, and on the beach some small wind waves. Beach is without any obstacle.

From July to the end of February wind blows constantly and makes kite season endless. If you “run out of wind” at the spots at and near Fortaleza in December, then we have for you this spot for another two months.

In Tatajuba you can find a kitesurfing station, small local shops, as well as accommodation.

With proper strong wind days you can move further down to the Laguna La Torta. It’s nearby and very popular kiteboarding spot with great conditions. This beautiful, mostly standing deep, freshwater lagoon is surrounded by sand dunes and stretches around 16 kilometers inland. Here is the wind gusty and a bit weaker because the spot is surrounded by dunes. Therefore it’s perfect as an alternative spot for high-wind days.


The village Guriu is just 10 km far from Jericoacoara. It’s placed at the rivermouth between the sand dunes and mangroves. When the tide is low, it is a very good spot.

In it you don’t have much objects, so don’t account that you can find some accommodation here. There is just few small barracks. Beside kiteboarding, here you can find a lot of other activity like a watching seahorse, buggy rides, etc. This spot is an important point for trips up to Tatajuba and/or Camocim.

From here you can make good downwind to Jericoacoara, or from Jericoacoara to here.


Huge and sandy beach without obstacles with extensive shallow area, probably makes Prea as the best kite surfing spot with strong wind in north east part of Brazil. Prea is small and very quiet village near Jericoacoara. In it you can find some accommodations, restaurants, as well as some small markets. There is also available kite services, so you shouldn’t worry about your kite gear.

When is tide high you can find waves up to 2m, and at medium and low tide there is small to medium waves.

You should try one of well known downwind to Jericoacoara in the evening.


It has a population of about 8000 inhabitants and they lives mainly from fishing and renting of accommodation. Tourism began to be in development and has big opportunity. Mundau region has many natural attractions, such as reefs, mangroves, temporary ponds, dunes, and the beautiful Rio Mundaú. The beach is a peninsula Mundaú sheltered by rocks. An stream that supplies the village with freshwater is great for snorkeling and swimming.


Parnaíba is a city near the Atlantic ocean, and have around 160,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by a few kite spots. The period from July to January is with the best winds for kiting. Most of the surrounding spots are in the long sandy beach with huge space for kite launching and landing. Some of the spots are without any obstacles, but in some, you may find some rocks. Most of the nearby spots are suitable for all experience levels.

Here you also can see famous Parnaiba delta with beautiful scenery, which is rich in wildlife.

We offer one kite downwind safaris with this spot included and you can see some more info on this page Kite Tour (Cumbuco / Parnaiba).


Barra Grande

Kite spot Barra Grande is a small village with relaxed atmosphere, and it is proclaimed as APA (Ambient Protection Area). It has to offer 5 kilometers long sandy beach with some palm trees to kitesurfers. At low tide, water is mostly flat and shallow, and in high tide you can find some small waves here. This spot is perfect for all experience levels, from beginners to kite experts. Twice a day, when high tide create lakes in the end of the beach, you can do small downwind till there.

Depending of season, wind blows constantly from 27 to 55 km/h, and it is usually side-onshore.

This spot we offer in two guided tours: Cumbuco to Parnaiba and Jericoacoara to Parnaiba.


This spot is near Camocim town, where you can find all types of needed services, like a banks, ATM, restaurants, shops, accommodation, etc. The town also has offering restaurants with local cuisine based on seafood, and they are usually located on the beaches and lakes. But for kiters, most important place here is long sandy beach with a lot of space, which has unpredictable chopps, and some medium waves (1,5-2,5 m) at high tide. At low tide you should be careful, because spot has a lot of rock reefs.

In this kite spot wind constantly blow side-onshore to side, and in Maceio beach is side-offshore to offshore. It is probably spot with the strongest wind in the state, and goes up to 74 km/h.

If you search for flat water, you should go to nearby lagoons or at north of Maceio beach.

We offer this spot in this two tours:

Ilha do Guajiru

Ilha do Gaujiru (or Praia da Barra) is very huge lagoon (especially when the tide is high). It’s long around 5 kilometers and in the widest part has around 700 meters (high tide). In it you will find flat water and strong wind. Direction of wind is East to Southeast, sideshore to side onshore. Main part of the beach is the prime kiteboarding spot here, but with boats you can reach some other good spots in Ilha do Guajiru. When the tide is low, then number of spots are limited.

At main season wind blows from 44 km/h to 51 km/h. Near a small beach wind can be a little gusty. There are two main hazards – in the water you should be aware of boat ropes, and on the shore of the electricity wires!! Also, you may see some sharp shells, so you may want to bring shoes in this spot

Near beach is Itarema town, and in this spot you may find restaurants and kite services.

Icarai de Amontada

Icarai beach have great beauty and during the high season you can find a large number tourists. Some people consider Icarai as one of the best beaches in this region of Ceara. Because its beautiful nature and quietness it’s fantastic spot to relax and to let yourself to enjoy in water sports, such as kite surfing is. Icarai has a golden sand, the ocean is gently stirred with clear water and it’s surrounded with palm trees.

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