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Kite Safari in Brazil

The Downwind experience

You want KiteSurf Brazil adventure? 

Here it is!

Almost 300 km downwind, 300 km of windy destinations, amazing beaches and blue lagoons. In these kite safaris you may see the HOT kiting spots in Ceara (northeastern part of Brazil) and every day we will do a different downwinder in the most amazing kite surf destinations in Brazil. We have different options for your new kite experience. We are organizing safaris from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara, Cumbuco to Parnaiba, the NorthEast Coast kite surfing downwind, and exploring downwind of the wild north of Brazil. For your safety our car is always nearby and you can stop the downwind at any time.

Brazil is an unique exotic place with beautiful nature and the landscapes which are untouched by people. If you love nature and wildlife, then any of these kite safaris is absolutely right choice. The reality is just as spectacular, which is why sunny Brazil with its samba rhythms attracts kite surfers from around the world. Sun-kissed beaches, strong winds, spectacular natural wonders … Brazil never fails to charm its visitors.

Individual guided Kite Surfing Downwind Safaris in Brazil – First class kitesurf experience!!!

Recommended kite spot locations for your PERFECT kitesurfing holidays!

Downwind kitesurfing trips

The best thing about kitesurfing in Brazil are the downwind kitesurfing trips. The concept with this is to kite downwind along the coast, near many beaches and villages. On your downwind you may stop at wave spots, flat lagoons, rivers and sleep every night at a different village. You can join an organized kitesurfing trip with an escorting car and a kitesurfing guide, or you can organize your own downwind kite trip with your friends. Some of the best routes for downwind kitesurfing are routes south to Fortaleza ( many flat water lagoons), or routes from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande (great strong wind and very attractive flat water kite spots). The most popular kitesurfing downwind trip for years, is Cumbuco to Jericoacoara. Below are downwinds that we can offer.

Recommended Flat Water Lagoons

  • Tatajuba Lagoon

    Tatajuba Lagoon
    Tatajuba lagoon is a small kite paradise, and it’s located between the kiteboarding mecca Jericoacoara and the fishing village Camocim … read more

  • Cauipe Lagoon

    Cauipe Lagoon

    Cauipe Lagoon is a perfect flat water with some areas which can be shallow. The beach have a nice area for kite launching and landing without obstacles … read more

  • Taiba Lagoon

    Taiba lagoon
    Taiba lagoon is a small kite spot and it is located directly on the beach. Here you will find completely flat water, which is very… read more

Good to know

The main kite season in Brazil is from August to December. The wind is really consistent and you can expect to kite every day. January, June and July can be also good for kiting, especially up North.

Pleasant warm weather all year. Air temperature of 25-30°C and water usually between 25-27° C.

>>> Time difference: GMT -2 hours
>>> Currency Brazilian Reals. It is advisable to get Brazilian Reals at Fortaleza or at airport, because it is difficult to change money, or find cash machines outside Fortaleza or other bigger cities.
>>> Language: Portuguese is the official language. English is widely spoken in hotels, restaurants and larger shops.
>>> Passport and Visas: A full valid EU passport is required. European and most other countries, don’t need a visa to enter Brazil. Visitors from USA, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand will need a visa.

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